Handcrafted Wooden Furniture for Home, Patio, and Sport.

Witchita Forest Woodworks was established to provide customers with an affordable option in Handcrafted, Fine Furniture.

215 Meadowlark Ln
Highland Village, TX 75077-7164
(214) 415-7773  

Comments and Questions email  john@wfw.us


All furniture and accesories are constructed respecting traditional woodworking design, techniques, and values utilizing much handwork and modern techniques where appropriate.


The materials used are primarily from  “Sustained Growth” forests or re-cycled sources. Because all items are individually handcrafted, the choice of wood is dependent on design, application, and customer preference. Exotic woods may be used upon customer request.

There are examples on this site of Adirondack, Arts & Crafts, Federal, Queen Anne, and Shaker inspired designs. The finished item’s design is a result of collaboration between the customer and the “Maker”.

Finishing is as always dependent on intended use. Penetrating oils, varnishes, or urethanes may be used. If the customer requests the piece be delivered unfinished, a specific recommendation and application suggestion will be given for the most appropriate finish.

Pricing of Custom Handcrafted Furniture is dependent on design, wood, hardware, finish, etc. so please Request a Quote for pricing on your custom piece.