In the Kitchen

Edge Grain Cherry Cutting Board

A cutting board should be warp resistant, not crack, be durable, catch juces on one side, be flat on the other side, and have a "food safe" finish.

This one has all those attributes and has finger recesses in the ends as well.

Edge grain Cherry is used with a Mineral Oil finish.

Other woods are appropriate, but finishes are limited.

Prices start at - $50.00

"Wet" or Meat side
Bread or Veggie side
Price as shown - $ 60.00


Made of 3/8" thick wood with Brass hooks for your keys and a space for Mail and one for your glasses or cell phone.

These can easily be sized for anyones needs.

Lots of different woods and finishes are available.

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Prices start at - $60.00

Paper Towel Holder

Yeah, just a Paper Towel Holder.

This one has a Raised Panel back, Beaded arms, a friction fit, and looks great!

Woods, design details, and finish are up to you.

Prices start at $50.00

Price as shown - $50.00